Back Pain Shortwave Diathermy Physio Physiotherapy 448khz Smart Tecar Therapy Machines

This back pain shortwave diathermy physio physiotherapy 448KHZ smart tecar therapy machine is designed to provide a highly effective, safe, and comfortable treatment for various health and beauty concerns.

Utilizing the human body’s resonance frequency at 448KHZ sine wave current delivers optimal physical therapy results while enhancing medical beauty effects.

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The Tecar Therapy Machine is a beauty and wellness device designed to offer a variety of treatments aimed at fat reduction, skin tightening, pain relief, and overall body shaping. The device utilizes different technologies such as superconducting radio frequency, constant temperature control, and deep radio frequency heating to achieve its effects.

·Key Features and Technologies


  • Superconducting Radio Frequency (CHD Principle): This core tecar therapy machine involves the use of radio frequency energy to heat subcutaneous tissues, promoting movement, friction, and heat generation. The process aims to stimulate metabolism, relieve pain, and reduce fat by focusing heat energy on muscle tissue.
  • Nano-Microwave Fat Exploding Head: This tecar machine is designed to dredge blocked meridians, expel waste, and accelerate fat metabolism. It uses CET (Capacitive Electric Transfer) to generate heat and stimulate the deep layers of the skin, promoting the contraction and proliferation of collagen.
  • RET (Resistive Electric Transfer) Principle: This tecar therapy machine projects high-frequency energy into the body to generate deep heat, which is said to improve blood circulation, burn visceral fat, and assist in body shaping.

·How the Beauty Instrument Works:

The tecar machine is to interfere with subcutaneous fat tissue cells to destroy and remove fat tissue, as well as stimulate collagen in the subcutaneous tissue to tighten the skin.


The tecar therapy machine claims to address a wide range of issues, including eye bags, wrinkles, sagging skin, cellulite, various types of pain, joint issues, and inflammation.

The tecar therapy machine is marketed to burn fat, shape the body, relieve pain, improve blood circulation, enhance immunity, and assist with post-exercise joint recovery.

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·Product Details

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·Why Choose Osano?

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With its versatility, efficacy, and emphasis on client comfort and safety, the tecar therapy machine is an exceptional investment for any aesthetic practice.

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