448KHZ Comfortable Radio Frequency Machine Professional Physiotherapy Equipment For Body And Face

The 448KHZ comfortable radio frequency machine professional physiotherapy equipment for body and face is a state-of-the-art tecar therapy physiotherapy machine that harnesses the power of the human body’s resonance frequency at 448KHZ sine wave current.

Achieve healthy, harmonious, and comfortable physical therapy while maximizing medical beauty effects with this advanced device.

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Designed for efficiency and accuracy, this radio frequency machine professional offers 360W ultra-high power, delivering an obvious heat sensation within minutes of operation and providing strong penetration.

And the system automatically locks at 448KHZ, ensuring accurate output frequency and a genuine 448KHZ sine wave.

Safety is paramount with our radio frequency machine professional, adhering to international security standards IEC60601.

You are protected through warning prompts and automatic output energy reduction in the poor probe or superconductor skin contact cases.

Also, real-time energy size monitoring and wide impedance matching guarantee optimal energy output for different body parts without causing burns.

You can experience the diverse benefits of this machine, including fat burning, body shaping, meridian dredging, pain relief, uterine cold regulation, blood circulation improvement, immunity enhancement, and joint clearing after exercise.

And based on CHD and CET principles, the radio frequency machine professional generates heat conduction and stimulates ions and charged particles in the body, resulting in friction, heat energy, and various therapeutic effects.

Additionally, its comprehensive treatment applications include eye bags, wrinkles, saggy/aging skin, excess visceral fat, stretch marks, cellulite, pain relief from acute and chronic injuries, joint degenerative disease, inflammation, soft tissue issues, and more.

Thus, trust our 448KHZ comfortable radio frequency machine professional physiotherapy equipment for body and face to address a wide range of health and beauty concerns with the highest standard of effectiveness and safety.

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