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Our machines, engineered specifically for beauty salons, embody a transformative approach to skincare, establishing new benchmarks in treatment effectiveness and client satisfaction.

Utilizing LED light therapy with precise wavelengths, they effectively address a wide range of skin concerns.

Discover the power of 470nm, 590nm, and 640nm light therapy with our beauty salon skin whitening PDT machine. It is designed to reduce scars, treat acne, and alleviate redness and swelling, which bestows a youthful radiance upon the skin.

We also offer the groundbreaking Bellat Japan Skin whitening and rejuvenation technology, revolutionizing skincare treatments.

Furthermore, our wholesale skin-tightening body contouring PDT machine, equipped with Bellat PDT spectrometer technology, redefines contours and tightens the skin. It provides a comprehensive, high-quality skincare solution for your salon.

Hence, step into the future of beauty with our PDT machine category. Deliver top-tier services, attract and retain more clients, and stay ahead in the highly competitive beauty industry.

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