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Presenting our custom monopolar RF body sculpting equipment, a groundbreaking and transformative addition to your beauty business. This cutting-edge machine offers a versatile, non-invasive method for body contouring and fat reduction, achieving remarkable results in as little as a single 15-minute session.

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Product Details

RF Beauty Machine

Revolutionizing your practice, this RF beauty machine’s ShapeSculpting ID platform uses innovative monopolar RF technology to treat the entire subcutaneous fat layer, resulting in a remarkable 24% fat reduction on average.

And the real-time temperature control ensures consistent results, safety, and a comfortable experience.

With the flexibility of applicators, multiple areas can be treated simultaneously, including the chin, arms, abdomen, flanks, thighs, knees, and back.

Also, the RF beauty machine offers personalized solutions, allowing for customized treatment protocols that cater to your individual needs.

Moreover, the powerful 2 MHz monopolar RF technology in the machine penetrates deep into the fat layer, from the skin to the muscle, delivering optimal results. And fat cells are selectively destroyed and gradually removed from the body through natural processes over a 12-week period.

Hence, upgrade your body sculpting services with our state-of-the-art RF beauty machine and provide personalized, proven results.

Powerful Technology

Product parameters

Technology Mono polar Radio Frequency(RF)
Frequency 1MHz / 2MHz
Maximum Power 400W
Treatment Area 16cm2 / UP to 300cm2
Console Dimensions 32cm’’W * 40cm’’L * 26cm’’H
Console Electrical Voltage: 100VAC-240VAC

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