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Discover the radio frequency laser therapy machine for pain, a cutting-edge professional beauty and personal care device designed to provide effective physical therapy, weight loss, and slimming solutions. Harness the power of radio frequency treatment with this innovative machine to experience transformative results.

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The Capacitive Electric Transfer (CET) method utilized by this laser therapy machine for pain enables RF electrical current transfer to the patient’s body via a movable external application electrode.

The electrode is covered with an insulating film that acts as a dielectric, while the body serves as the second plate of the capacitor.

A return plate closes the circuit, and the electric circulation through the resistive medium formed by the live tissues results in a temperature increase.

In addition to CET, the Resistive Electric Transfer (RET) wave employed by our laser therapy machine for pain penetrates directly into the deep subcutaneous adipose tissue (DSAT) to a depth of 1-6cm.

This generates energy with the help of skin-formed impedance.

The RET wave causes molecular cells to generate strong rotating resonances (24 million and 500 thousand times per second), leading to intense cell collisions and instantaneous fat cell explosions when nuclear magnetic vibration frequencies reach their peak range.

Moreover, our laser therapy machine for pain provides body sculpting results by heating the deep fat layer, liquefying fat, and accelerating the cycle of deep layer blood capillary and lymphatic tissue.

The melted fat is then excreted through the body’s natural metabolism.

So invest in this state-of-the-art machine to offer a revolutionary solution for effective pain relief, weight loss, and body slimming.




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