6 IN 1 Best Hydra Facial Machine

The 6 IN 1 best hydra facial machine is a revolutionary skincare solution for your beauty salon.

This portable microdermabrasion hydro cleanse skin care facial machine combines state-of-the-art technology, such as water dermabrasion, ultrasound, and bio microcurrent multipolar RF, to provide a comprehensive range of skincare treatments.

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Best Hydra Facial Machine

Our best hydra facial machine features hydrogen oxygen 6 in 1 hydra dermabrasion, offering cleaning, tightening, and moisturizing treatments.

And it is the ultimate skincare solution for you with aqua peel, essence injection, RF tightening, moisturizing oxygen, soothing skin, and shrink pores capabilities.

This 6 IN 1 best hydra facial machine comes with a cold hammer, skin scrubber, ultrasonic device, hydra tool, negative press adjust, ABCD(H2 O2) select knob, bio RF, oxygen gun, water flow control button, 9.2-inch screen, and a wastewater bottle.

Ultrasound technology is utilized in this machine to create ultrasonic vibrations that quickly open the pores, allowing the essence to penetrate deep into the skin’s basal layer.

Meanwhile, its bipolar RF component offers lifting and tightening effects, improving eye lines and promoting collagen regeneration for a youthful appearance.

Our best hydra facial machine’s skin scrubber vibration cleaning feature effectively removes dead skin cells using high-frequency vibration waves, eliminating blackheads, softening skin keratinocytes, and deeply cleansing the skin.

Also, its cold hammer helps shrink pores, calm and repair damaged skin, and alleviate sensitive skin issues.

Moreover, when combined with liquid skincare products, the high polymer atomizing pen atomizes the liquid and quickly injects it into the dermis for enhanced penetration and effectiveness.

And its hydro dermabrasion cleaning function removes blackheads, grease, and dirt, providing a deep cleanse and brightening the skin tone.

Thus, upgrade your beauty salon services with our 6 IN 1 best hydra facial machine, a comprehensive skincare solution that delivers exceptional results.




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