Body Slimming Cellulite Removal 30k Vacuum Cavitation Machine

This body slimming cellulite removal 30k vacuum cavitation machine is a state-of-the-art device that delivers outstanding results in non-invasive body and facial contouring.

It combines cavitation, bi-polar RF, and IR energy with vacuum suction and mechanical rollers to eliminate fat cells and cellulite.

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Vacuum Cavitation Machine

Our 30k vacuum cavitation machine offers a powerful 120W RF and 10W lipo laser output to achieve fat reduction, cellulite smoothing, circumference reduction, skin tightening, and lifting.

This versatile device includes Mshape, Lshape, and VRF, providing a comprehensive solution for various treatment needs.

The cavitation handle operation interface allows you to adjust treatment time, energy, and ultrasound settings, ensuring deep cellulite disintegration.

And the handle with binaural handle design ensures comfortable and effective treatment for large, stubborn fat areas.

This vacuum cavitation machine’s Lshape vacuum roller handle features a touch screen interface for adjusting treatment time, negative pressure level, bi-polar RF energy, IR energy, roller speed, and roller direction.

The roller treatment effectively breaks down fat cells and promotes collagen re-alignment for firmer, smoother skin.

Besides, the Mshape vacuum roller handle is specifically designed for reducing fat and shaping the body with small and medium-sized rollers.

You can adjust treatment time, negative pressure level, and bi-polar RF energy to tailor the treatment to various needs.

Lastly, the negative pressure + radio frequency handle combines IR energy and RF to improve sagging skin.

With three specifications available, it is suitable for full-body treatments and offers four negative pressure modes for fat reduction, body shaping, and scraping physiotherapy.

Hence, don’t miss the opportunity to add this advanced vacuum cavitation machine to your product line.

With its multi-function capabilities, it is an investment that can help you provide exceptional service and grow your business.

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