Best 40K Unoisetion Machine 8 in 1 Beauty Equipment

Presenting the top-tier 40K unoisetion machine 8 in 1 Beauty equipment, a high-quality ultrasonic cavitation vacuum multipolar RF microcurrent photon beauty machine that brings revolutionizing treatment against cellulite and fat.

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Unoisetion Machine

Our unoisetion machine’s ultrasound cavitation is a non-invasive approach based on sound waves that create microbubbles within the adipose tissue.

As these microbubbles accumulate and implode, adipose cells are destroyed, transforming fat nodules into liquid substances that the body naturally eliminates through the lymphatic system.

You can experience the benefits of radio-frequency (RF) technology, which generates radio waves that heat collagen in the dermis and subcutaneous fat, leading to collagen contraction and stimulation.

This innovative process removes wrinkles, lines, and cellulite while promoting collagen production in the face, abdomen, buttocks, and legs. Also, you can enjoy smoother, tighter skin without injections, surgery, or downtime.

This versatile unoisetion machine offers a range of functions, including fat removal, body slimming, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, improved blood circulation, skin cleaning, nutrition transmission, and inflammation reduction.

And it is suitable for application on the body, face, arms, and legs.

Furthermore, key features of the device include optimized skin tightening and cellulite treatment, safe and effective results with no downtime or side effects, long-term and natural outcomes, and an easy-to-use TFT touch screen with preset treatment guidelines.

It comes with an 8-inch TFT true color touch screen, 1 MHz RF frequency, 35-40 kHz cavitation frequency, 1 MHz ultrasound frequency, and red, blue, and green photon head colors.

And it operates at 150W power.

To sum up, when you choose our unoisetion machine, you’ll enjoy a host of unbeatable advantages, including factory pricing, global technical support, over 20 years of experience manufacturing beauty equipment, the option for OEM/ODM services, top-notch advanced beauty equipment, and a professional foreign trade team that offers competitive pricing.

Package Including:

1 x Main Machine

1 x Ultrasonic head for body

1 x Tripolar RF for face

1 x Ultrasonic head for face

1 x Bipolar rf for eye around

1 x RGB photon head for skin

1 x 40K Cavitaion liposuction

1 x Holder

1 x Power Cord

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