Body Slimming Cellulite Removal 30k Ultrasonic Slimming Machine

With its powerful ultrasonic cavitation handpiece, this ultrasonic slimming machine effectively targets fat cells, cellulite and skin laxity for superior body shaping outcomes.

Additional applicators use the latest radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum massage technologies to further customize and enhance treatments.

This all-in-one contouring solution provides complete body reshaping capability with options to effectively treat the arms, abdomen, love handles, buttocks, thighs and more.

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ultrasonic slimming machine

Introducing our advanced ultrasonic slimming machine. With powerful 120W radio frequency and 10W laser technologies, this device offers a wide range of fat reduction, skin tightening, and cellulite treatment options to meet your body goals.

The ergonomic applicator handle allows for easy full-body treatment. Its adjustable negative pressure modes target fat cells, improve circulation, and provide a massage-like experience.

Customize your experience with the system’s multiple technologies:

  • Mshape applicator focuses on smaller treatment areas like the abdomen and love handles
  • Lshape applicator covers larger zones like the thighs and hips
  • Variable radio frequency safely and effectively heats tissue at different depths for a tailored treatment

With advanced slimming technologies packed into one intuitive system, you can achieve the contour you desire.

·Product Details


Our advanced ultrasonic slimming machine features an intuitive touchscreen control panel that allows you to customize your treatment fully.

The ergonomic Lshape applicator handle targets larger areas like the thighs and hips. Easily adjust settings like treatment duration, vacuum strength, radio frequency intensity, infrared energy, roller speed, and direction.

The cavitation handpiece uses ultrasonic technology to target cellulite and break down stubborn fat deposits effectively. Seamlessly control ultrasound parameters along with treatment time and energy levels.

For smaller treatment zones, the Mshape applicator features exchangeable rollers to contour areas like the abdomen and arms. Personalize vacuum strength, radio frequency intensity and duration to meet your needs.

The multipolar radiofrequency handle combines infrared heat and RF energy to improve skin laxity and sagging.

With complete control over each applicator’s advanced settings, you can tailor your experience to achieve the slim, toned, and contoured physique you desire. The intuitive interfaces make body shaping treatments effortless.

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Stay at the forefront of the latest aesthetic advancements and watch your services thrive with this cutting-edge 30kHz ultrasonic slimming machine. The multi-technology, customizable treatments make it simple to deliver visible, dramatic body transformation results.

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