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Introducing the three handles 360 roller radio frequency machine-the ultimate solution for achieving a 3-in-1 beauty and wellness treatment. This versatile device offers facelift, skin rejuvenation, weight loss, and wrinkle removal, using the latest technology to eliminate body fat without any unpleasant side effects painlessly.

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radio frequency machine

Our radio frequency machine uses a hand-held probe to pull the fat tissue into the suction cup while the radio frequency wave weakens the fat cell walls and eliminates the contents through the body.

It targets stubborn fat pockets and encourages the body to produce new collagen, resulting in tighter and toned skin with improved texture.

With its 360-degree rotating radio frequency, our machine can rotate in forward, reverse, and alternate directions.

It has various handle configurations, making it ideal for all body parts, faces, and eyes.

Besides, the adjustable speed allows for a personalized experience. And our machine’s ball rotates to massage and remove fat while dissolving and shaping the body.

The intelligent control system ensures easy control of the device, including turning it on/off, adjusting the rotation, and choosing continuous or pulsed energy output.

Our radio frequency machine also combines red, blue, and green light therapy to achieve better skin care results.

The green light unclogs lymph and expels edema, while the blue light is anti-inflammatory and sterilizing.

And the red light stimulates blood circulation and promotes product absorption.

Our phototherapy and rotating radio frequency work simultaneously, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

So with its advanced technology, versatility, and ease of use, the three handles 360 roller radio frequency machine is the perfect tool for achieving a wide range of beauty and wellness goals.

Whether you’re a salon owner, spa owner, or distributor, this device is a smart investment for your business.

Rolling Handpiece:

Roller L

Cellulite Dissolve

Body wrinkles remove

Body Massage

Roller M

For arm and leg

RF Massage

Cellulite Dissolve

Body Slimming

Roller S

For face and eye

Remove eye lines, facial wrinkles

Face Lifting

Product infusion

Skin rejuvenation with light therapy


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