Portable Sound Wave Machine Therapy For Home Use

Discover the ultimate sound wave machine therapy designed for home use, offering exceptional results in both aesthetic and health care applications. This portable sound wave machine therapy for home use features the innovative Osano wave technology, ensuring optimal treatment results with different transmitters.

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Our sound wave machine therapy introduces oscillating acoustic waves into the body, significantly enhancing blood circulation, stimulating collagen production, and strengthening the dermis and epidermis.

Before Osano wave, enlarged fat cells cause the skin’s typical orange peel appearance. And during the treatment, the connective tissue relaxes, and the firmness of the epidermis increases, leading to visibly improved skin texture and long-lasting effects.

This sound wave machine therapy comes with a variety of accessories designed for specific treatment areas and applications:

  • OW-R32: With a diameter of 32mm, this focused shock wave transmitter is perfect for larger areas and treats deep layers of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.
  • OW-F36: Featuring a diameter of 36mm, this radial pressure wave transmitter activates blood and lymph circulation, making it ideal for body shaping.
  • OW-R15: With a diameter of 15mm, this transmitter is designed for treating the epidermis, dermis, connective tissue, and cellulite.
  • OW-F15: This 15mm diameter focused shock wave transmitter offers deeper penetration, targeting deep layers of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.
  • OW-R20: With a gentle diameter of 20mm, this transmitter is perfect for treating the epidermis, dermis, connective tissue, cellulite, and breaking down fat cells.

Overall, our sound wave machine therapy is a fantastic investment for you looking to offer an effective and easy-to-use solution for various aesthetic and healthcare needs.

You can experience impressive results such as circumference reduction, body shaping effect on thighs, firmer legs, and smoother skin surface. So expand your product range and help achieve the results you desire with our product.

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