Professional Multifunction Beauty Salon Skin Tightening Machine For Face

This professional multifunction beauty salon skin tightening machine for face is a cutting-edge device designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

Utilizing LDM technology, it is the only treatment system on the market that uses 10MHz ultrasound and counter wave technology to perform Nano Cell Massage (NCM), targeting dermal cells with precision for optimal anti-aging results.

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skin tightening machine for face

Unlike traditional ultrasonic machines, our ONoble skin tightening machine for face boasts three new technologies that significantly enhance its effectiveness.

Easy to operate, its streamlined design minimizes control elements, and auditory and visual signals help prevent errors during use.

Its high-quality treatment head, made of titanium with a ring-shaped contact display, ensures the highest level of safety while treating clients without side effects.

Item No. ONoble
Ultrasound Frequencies 1MHz, 3MHz, 10MHz
ONoble 1/3MHz, ONoble 3/10MHz
ONoble 1/3/10MHz
Sonotrodes Sonotrode 1)  1/3/10MHz 5.0cm2
Intensity up to 3.0W/cm2
Regimes cont., 1:2, 1:5, 1:10
Electric connection 230V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Input 55VA

The core technology of this skin tightening machine for face is High-Density Ultrasound-10MHz. Traditional ultrasonic systems emit energy that cannot be concentrated on the epidermis and dermis, where skin aging occurs.

ONoble, however, uses ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 10MHz and a penetration depth of 0.3cm to accurately stimulate the regeneration of superficial skin cells.

ONoble’s crossover frequency patent technology crosses two wavelengths to maximize collagen increase, lifting, and firming effects. Compared to existing lasers, HIFU, and Thermage, it adjusts skin depth without side effects, painlessly modifying the aging skin structure.

LDM Noblesse 10MHz Ultrasound Therapy 3 In 1 Ultrasonic Wrinkle Remove Beauty Slimming Device Facial Care Instrument

The 10MHz ultrasound wavelength effectively stimulates cell membranes and promotes cell viability by directly affecting individual cells or small cell groups in the tissue.

Additionally, the loosening effect of this skin tightening machine for face redistributes relaxed tissues evenly, smoothing uneven areas and binding new cells more firmly. In the state of loose skin tissue, it also minimizes and prevents side effects like pain, swelling, and congestion during cosmetic or plastic surgery.

In conclusion, our skin tightening machine for face is essential for any modern beauty salon or spa. Its innovative design, advanced technology, and proven results guarantee satisfaction and repeat business. Invest in this game-changing device and elevate your beauty services today.

Aesthetic Programs Dermatologic Programs
• Elasticity, lift
• Improve wrinkles
•Shrink pores
• Skin regeneration, moisturizing, whitening
•Atrophy lines, cellulite
• Anti-aging skin
• Acne, atopic dermatitis
• Red tide
• Troubled skin
• Acne pits
• Obese scars, keloids
• Post-operative bruising, swelling

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Onoble-new case



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