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Experience advanced skincare with ORelax sensitive skin care machines, a cryo electrophoresis device for sensitive skin.

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These skin care machines repair skin sensitivity, remove toxins, and boost immunity. Using a skin-cooling system at -20℃, they allow effective penetration of skincare products.

The tool rebuilds skin barriers, moisturizes, eliminates fine dry lines, and improves complexion.

It also combats skin conditions like melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and more when paired with medical skincare products.

ORelax has powerful features, including deep detoxification, collagen activation, inflammation relief, product activity enhancement, skin texture improvement, and sensitive skin repair.

Electrophoresis enables a needleless system for efficient skincare product absorption.

And its 27MHZ eddy current electric field technology ensures essential nutrients reach the dermis layer, enhancing skin’s microcirculation.

Moreover, our skin care machines cater to sensitive skin types, including hormones, combination, fry, and oily.

And their four modes, massage, skin smoothing, nutrition, and cleansing, meet different skincare needs. In conclusion, contact us today and order them.


Source   Cryo Electrophoresis
Energy   Level 1-20
Temperature   -20℃-20℃
Time set 0-30 minutes
Power supply 220-230VAC 50-60Hz

100-130VAC 50-60Hz

Dimension 32cm*41cm*27cm



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