Newest Tech Standing Rolletic Massage Machine For Sale

Discover the latest rolletic massage machine for sale, a revolutionary body contouring device designed to reduce cellulite, improve tone and texture, and increase healthy lymphatic circulation.

This standing massage machine is perfect for face and body treatments, with popular application areas including thighs, buttocks, and upper arms.

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rolletic massage machine for sale

Our Endoshape rolletic massage machine for sale utilizes compression micro-vibration technology, a precise blend of vibration and pressure.

The powerful duo works on muscle and fat cells, stimulating fat cell metabolism and resulting in cell apoptosis while promoting muscle strengthening and growth.

This non-invasive, non-surgical machine features a 360° rotating silicone ball to generate compression micro-vibration without causing damage to the skin.

By exerting pressure on deep muscle groups, it reduces muscle stiffness and soreness while enhancing metabolism and rejuvenating the skin.


Product name Inner Ball Roller Anti-cellulite Slimming Therapy Machine
Function Cellulite Reduction/Weight Loss/Body Shaping/Skin Tightening/Anti-aging/Skin Tightening/ Anti-aging
After-sales Service Online support, Video technical support, Online support, Video technical support
Handles 2 Handles, one for face, one for body
Treatment area Face, Body, Legs, Arms, Abdomen, Hips and so on
Touch screen 9.7 inch large LCD(Stand)  &  10.2 inch large LCD(Desktop)
Speed of large handle 450rpm
Speed of small handle 410rpm
Output frequency 40-254Hz
Output power 10-300W
Input voltage AC110V/220V  50-60/Hz
Service OEM ODM
Application For Commercial Beauty Salon

Additionally, equipped with a unique 360° intelligent rotating drum handle and LED display, our rolletic massage machine for sale offers a simple, safe, and efficient operation.

Its versatile functions include drainage detoxification, slimming and lifting, muscle loosening and blood purification, and endorphin activation.

Hence, choose this rolletic massage machine for sale  to provide total body treatment, remarkable improvements in tone and texture, and increased healthy lymphatic circulation.

Transform the appearance of cellulite, reshape the body, and enjoy a more youthful complexion with this innovative standing massage machine.



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360° Vacuum Roller Machine

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30 days


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