Reduce Cellulite Radio Frequencies Lipo Cavitation Vacuum Therapy Velashape Machine

Multi-functional Vacuum Roller Massage + Lipo Laser + RF Reduce Cellulite Beauty Machine

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Theory of Operation

This machine utilizes a Vacuum RF roller for effective cellulite removal. The Velashape product line integrates four distinct technologies: infrared (IR), bi-polar radio-frequency (RF), and mechanical tissue manipulation through pulsed vacuum and massage rollers. The synergy of IR and vacuum-coupled RF generates deep heating in the connective tissue, including the fibrous septae, enhancing collagen production and cellular metabolism. Mechanical tissue manipulation boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, vital for maintaining healthy skin structure.

RF, or Radio-frequency, produces waves that heat the collagen in the dermis and the subcutaneous fat, helping to shrink collagen and stimulate new collagen production. This process effectively reduces wrinkles, lines, and cellulite. Results are immediate and continue to improve over several months. This treatment can be applied to the face, abdomen, buttocks, and legs to enhance collagen production, offering a pain-free, smooth skin experience without injections, surgery, or downtime.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been a long-standing treatment that uses low-level laser energy for noninvasive, safe, and side-effect-free fat loss. It targets the fat cell membranes, altering their permeability and allowing fat to be released. This released fat is then processed by the body’s natural metabolic functions, leading to inch loss for patients.


  • Fat removal
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Body slimming
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Suitable for use on the body, face, arms, and legs


  • Specifically optimized for skin tightening and cellulite treatment.
  • Enjoy tighter, more toned skin along with fat reduction.
  • Immediate, visible results that are safe and effective.
  • No downtime, side effects, scarring, or rebound.
  • Long-term and natural outcomes.
  • Portable and versatile design.
  • User-friendly TFT touch screen with preset treatment protocols to maximize results.


  • Main touch screen: 5.6 inch TFT true color
  • Handle screen: 3.5 inch TFT true color touch
  • Maximum vacuum pressure (L): 200~780mmHg
  • Maximum vacuum pressure (M/S): 90~440mmHg
  • RF frequency: 5 MHz
  • Red LED light wavelength: 700nm
  • Roller lifespan – Size L: 250 hours
  • Roller lifespan – Size M: 150 hours
  • Cavitation frequency: 35~40Khz
  • Diode laser lamp wavelength: 650 nm
  • Diode laser lamp power: 160 mW/lamp
  • Large laser paddle: 10 lamps per piece
  • Small laser paddle: 2 lamps per piece
  • Power: 500W

Package Includes

  • 1 x Main Machine
  • 8 x Big Lipo Laser Pad
  • 4 x Small Lipo Laser Pad
  • 1 x Vacuum RF roller(L) For Body
  • 1 x Vacuum RF roller(M) For Body
  • 1 x 40K Cavitation
  • 1 x Sixtupolar RF With Lipo Laser for Body
  • 1 x Holder
  • 1 x Power Cord

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