Professional Smart Portable Electric Belly Fat Burner Machine With Double Handles

The professional smart portable electric belly fat burner machine with double handles is a state-of-the-art solution to reduce unwanted localized fat cells effectively.

It is known as Freeze Contour 2, and features double fat freeze applicators and four alternative sizes of handles, allowing both applicators to work simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

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electric belly fat burner machine

The treatment principle of our electric belly fat burner machine involves freezing triglycerides in fat cells into solid form at temperatures below 4 centigrade. This non-invasive procedure induces “apoptosis,” enabling the body to release dead fat cells through metabolism naturally.

It is particularly effective in targeting localized fat areas such as love handles or man boobs, while larger areas can be treated using multi-functional machines with Lipo Cavitation, Lipo Laser, or RF Vacuum Rollers Mechanical Massage systems.

This electric belly fat burner machine offers customizable options, allowing you to choose two of the four sizes of freeze fat applicators, ensuring the perfect fit for various treatment areas.

Furthermore, the applicators can work separately and simultaneously, saving valuable treatment time by addressing both sides of the love handles or thighs simultaneously. And the adjustable temperature levels range from 5 to -5 centigrade, striking a balance between effectiveness and safety for skin and fat cells.

Buy Professional Smart Portable Home Use Non Surgical Criolipolisis Fat Freeze Machine With Double Handles At Guangzhou OSANO Beauty Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Equipped with a powerful refrigerator cooling system, the machine can support 20 hours of continuous fat freeze treatment at a stable and constant low temperature.

With 100% precise temperature control on both the applicator and machine touchscreen display and imported components ensuring reliable performance, you can expect a 25% fat reduction after each 60-minute session.

Hence, the treatment is painless, comfortable, and requires no downtime, making this electric belly fat burner machine a must-have addition to your wholesale product offerings.

Buy Professional Smart Portable Home Use Non Surgical Criolipolisis Fat Freeze Machine With Double Handles At Guangzhou OSANO Beauty Equipment Co.,Ltd.

2. Both fat freeze applicators can not only work separately but also work simultaneously, this feature will save much treatment time by treating two sides of love handles or thighs at the same time.  3. The most suitable temperature levels from 5 centigrade to -5 centigrade adjustable. As you know, fat cells will sleep and die under 4 centigrade, so it is not the lower temperature the better treated results in freeze fat treatment, acute lower temperature is bad for our skin and internal organs, a moderate minimum temperature of -5 centigrade is the best choice for both skin and fat cells. 4. Powerful refrigerator cooling system can support 20 hours fat freeze treatment under stable and constant low temperature continuously!  5. 100% unified precise freeze fat temperature on both applicator and machine touch screen display. 6. Imported components ensure reliable and robust freeze fat performance 7. 25% fat reduction after each session (60 mins) criolipolisis fat freeze treatment 8. Completely Painless, comfortable and no downtime

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