Permanent E Light Professional IPL Photofacial Machine

Our Olight permanent E light professional IPL photofacial machine is an exceptional choice for skincare professionals seeking advanced and reliable solutions.

This cutting-edge medical and aesthetic equipment unites three potent technologies: Super Hair Removal, OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology), and Elight (Radio Frequency), ensuring that treatments are comfortable and safe for clients.

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Permanent IPL E light hair removal beauty equipment rf beauty salon machine

professional ipl photofacial machine

This Olight professional IPL photofacial machine offers a range of applications, including hair removal, acne removal, speckle removal, skin rejuvenation, and tiny vascular removal.

The Super Hair Removal technology achieves virtually painless results by combining laser technology and the pulsating light method.

So even the most stubborn hairs can now be treated effectively with our “In Motion” light technology, providing a more enjoyable experience and better skin protection.

Technical Parameter

Wavelength 530-1200nm


energy 1-50 J / per square cm
RF energy 1~25 J / per cubic cm
OPT energy 1-50 J / per square cm
Pulse Width E-light:  50-2500 ms

OPT:  1-50 J/per square cm

Spot Size DY:10*50mm

XY :8*25MM

The device uses a revolutionary approach that gently heats hair follicles without bombarding your skin with high amounts of damaging energy.

This results in a warm and tingling sensation that clients often compare to a relaxing massage. And the In-Motion technology ensures the handpiece always moves over the skin for optimal treatment.

Furthermore, our Olight professional IPL photofacial machine utilizes the power of OPT to improve skin elasticity, smooth out facial wrinkles, and minimize pore size by reorganizing the deep collagen and elastic fiber skin layers.

In addition, the E-light technology targets the dermal skin layer and connective tissue, stimulating collagen growth and reshaping it at various depths for enhanced results while keeping the skin safe and undamaged.

We are committed to long-term cooperation with wholesalers, offering visible results, specific training courses, efficient customer service, complete marketing support, pleasant treatments in total safety, prompt answers to your questions, support for optimizing treatments, a 1-year warranty with free software updates, ease of use, and exceptional technical assistance and customer care service.

Overall, the machine effectively treats a variety of hair removal areas, pigmentation conditions, vascular conditions, rejuvenation aspects, and acne conditions. So choose the Olight permanent E Light professional IPL photofacial machine for the ultimate skincare solution that delivers outstanding results and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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