New Portable Best Electromagnetic Shockwave Professional Fat Burning Machine

Presenting the new portable best electromagnetic shockwave professional fat burning machine, a revolutionary device for seeking an effective, non-invasive solution for body contouring, weight loss, and cellulite reduction.

This professional fat burning machine combines cryolipolysis, electroporation, and shock wave therapy to deliver comprehensive, faster, and long-lasting clinical outcomes.

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professional fat burning machine

Our OSANO CRIOSHOCK professional fat burning machine’s system offers a unique approach to anti-cellulite treatment, adipose tissue reduction, and skin tightening based on proven scientific principles.

With three times faster results, up to 6.8 cm circumference reduction, and a remarkable 40% to 60% fat reduction per treatment, it is your ultimate choice.

Shockwave Frequency  1-21Hz
 Pressure  60-185mj
 Shocks  Minimum 2.000.000
 EMS Frequency  4000Hz
 Temperature  45 ℃  to  -10 ℃
 E -CRYO pad  4 Pieces
 Waveform  3  Kinds


Utilizing weekly shockwave treatments immediately after E-CRYO pad cryolipolysis sessions, our professional fat burning machine promotes fat reduction at twice the normal rate for the first four weeks, allowing for monthly cryolipolysis treatments and achieving body contouring results in half the time.

The device features E-CRYO pads with non-vacuum cryolipolysis technology, ensuring a comfortable cooling treatment without the edemas, bruising, and skin irritation associated with traditional vacuum cryolipolysis methods.

And its electroporation technology stimulates the body’s bio-electrical process, creating muscle contractions, improving blood circulation, and enhancing metabolism during cryolipolysis.

In addition, Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) of this machine is expertly tailored to meet the clinical needs of anti-cellulite therapy and other aesthetic treatments, delivering mechanical action to blood circulation, collagen structure, and connective tissue.

Research indicates that shockwave therapy accelerates the results of fat removal, skin tightening, and cellulite treatments.

Hence, experience outstanding results with our professional fat burning machine, achieving a full fat reduction in just two weeks and visible cellulite improvement by combining O-Shock and E-CRYO pads. Equip your business with this innovative device to offer unparalleled body contouring solutions.


The use of weekly shockwave treatment (3 to 5 minutes) immediately after 30 minutes E-CRYO pads cryotherapy  treatment causes fat reduction at twice the normal rate for the first 4 weeks. This allows cryotherapy  treatments on a monthly schedule and body contouring results in half the time.



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