Portable Negative Pressure Beauty Mesotherapy Device For Face Skin Whitening

Our portable negative pressure beauty mesotherapy device for face skin whitening is a cutting-edge solution for addressing skin dehydration, aging, complexion issues, and problem skin.

It employs advanced technology and is perfect for you seeking innovative beauty products.

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Product Details

This mesotherapy device adopts portable water mesotherapy injection technology, a new technology designed to solve skin dehydration, aging, complexion, and problem skin.

The technology incorporates imported motors, the world’s leading ultra-micro penetration technology, and vacuum negative pressure technology to overcome the skin absorption barriers.

And by using fixed points, fixed layers, and quantitative delivery to the required skin layers, it ensures precise delivery of various cell energy agents and nutrients lost by the human body due to aging.

Our exclusive core technology sets this mesotherapy device apart, making it the safest and most reliable high-tech beauty solution.

One of the key features is the world’s first patented contact negative pressure technology, which ensures optimal nutrient absorption in the dermal layer.

In fact, the absorption rate is 98.3%, a 68.3% improvement compared to traditional supplement therapy.

Moreover, the device boasts unparalleled depth control accuracy of 0.1mm and dose control accuracy of 0.01cc, making it the most precise high-tech beauty injection equipment currently available.

This precision guarantees effective treatment and makes the injection process simpler, more convenient, and time-efficient, with a treatment time of just 15-20 minutes for the entire face.

Thus, offer the latest skin rejuvenation technology with this exceptional mesotherapy device, designed to provide outstanding results while ensuring safety and precision.

Accessories List:

Host 1pc
Power supply 1set
Injection handle 1pc
Syringe 10pcs
Filter 1pc
Negative pressure pipe 10pcs


Product name Water Mesotherapy Injection
Model A306
Input voltage AC110-240V
Output voltage 12V3A
Power 12W
Power frequency 50-60Hz
Weight 4kg
Size 35*33*15CM






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30 days


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