Portable 4 In 1 Best Hifu Machine

Discover the latest innovation in non-surgical skin lifting with the portable 4 in 1 best HIFU machine. This state-of-the-art beauty instrument combines Radar Carving, 4D HIFU, Privacy, and Detection technology, offering a versatile and advanced solution for skin rejuvenation and body slimming treatments.

With its compact and portable design, it is perfect for you looking to provide a cutting-edge, easy-to-carry device.

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Product Details

·Details of the Best Hifu Machine



Frequency 4-7 MHZ
Technology 4DHIFU  (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
Energy output 0.1-2.5J(0.1J/step)
Number of heads 3.0mm,4.5mm (standard), (1.5mm 6mm 8mm 13mm 16mm optional)
Spacing 1.0-10mm(0.5mm/step)
Length 5.0-25mm(1.0mm/step)
Width 10mm Max
Cartridge life 10000shots
Ambient temperature 5°C~+40°C
LCD screen size 15 inch color touch LCD screen
N.W 11kg
Line 1-12 adjustable
Energy 0.1-2J
4D hifu Dimension 44*30*38 cm
4D hifu machine Voltage AC90V~240V 50HZ/60HZ

·Working Principle:

Our best Hifu machine boasts exceptional accuracy and controllability, thanks to its dual-screen display that guarantees precision during treatments.

Employing non-invasive and pain-free technology, this Hifu treatment machine delivers long-lasting results for up to three years, targeting specific areas such as brow lifting, jowl line lifting, nasolabial fold reduction, periorbital wrinkle reduction, and overall skin tightening and rejuvenation.

We are the HIFU machine professional producer. This machine harnesses the power of high-intensity focused ultrasound technology to create thermal effects within skin tissue, stimulating collagen production without causing any damage to the epidermis.

The fast and direct treatment penetrates the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System (SMAS), the same layer targeted by plastic surgeons during lift operations.

By working on the fascia layer, our best HIFU machine effectively firms the skin and lifts the muscle layer, resulting in a thinner, more youthful appearance.

Its cutting-edge technology makes it the ideal choice for anyone seeking a safe and effective way to enhance their natural beauty.

·Treatment Scope and Functions:

Our Best Hifu Machine is a portable 4 in 1 device that offers a comprehensive range of functions.

From wrinkle removal around the forehead, eyes, and mouth to lifting and tightening both cheeks’ skin, this machine also improves skin elasticity and contour shaping.

Additionally, it enhances jawlines, reduces marionette lines, tightens forehead skin tissue, lifts eyebrow lines, and improves skin complexion.

When used in conjunction with injectable beauty treatments like hyaluronic acid and collagen, the HIFU machine can address even more aging concerns.

Moreover, the device is equipped with various cartridges for different treatment areas, catering to various needs.

The face lift cartridges include DL-1.5mm for the eyes, DL-3.0mm for the cheek and neck, and DL-4.5mm for the chin.

For body slimming, cartridges range from DL-6.0mm for the chest and arms, DL-8.0mm for arms and legs, and DL-10.0mm to DL-16.0mm for abdomen, waist, buttock, and thigh treatments.

Overall, our best HIFU machine is an invaluable addition to your beauty product lineup.

Its advanced technology, versatile treatment options, and portable design make it the go-to choice for non-surgical, effective, and long-lasting skin lifting and body slimming solutions.


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