OSANO RET High Frequency Fat Lose RF Body Contouring Machines Skin Tightening Face Lifting Physiotherapy Machine

Unleash the power of innovation with OSANO RET high frequency RF body contouring machines for profound fat loss, skin tightening, and pain relief.

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Our advanced machines combine the principles of Capacitive Electric Transfer (CET) and Resistive Electric Transfer (RET) to deliver transformative results in skin tightening, face lifting, and body slimming.

The CET method uses an insulated electrode, turning your body into a potent capacitor.

The electric circulation through the live tissues gently elevates the temperature, allowing for effective pain relief and enhanced skin rejuvenation.

On the other hand, the RET wave dives deep into the subcutaneous adipose tissue, causing a high-speed cellular dance of 24.5 million times per second, breaking fat cells for that sculpted look you’re after.

Moreover, these RF body contouring machines offer an extensive reach of 1~6cm beneath the skin, boosting the body’s natural metabolism to expel liquefied fat and amplifying circulation in the deep layers of blood capillaries and lymphatic tissues.

Overall, boost your inventory with it and experience the harmony of technology and physiology.



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