New Portable Electromagnetic Shockwave Cryotherapy DIY Shockwave Therapy Machine

This groundbreaking DIY shockwave therapy machine is a portable, cutting-edge solution for body contouring and cellulite reduction.

It combines cryolipolysis, electroporation, and shock wave therapy, offering a non-invasive and multifunctional approach to achieve quicker, more effective, and long-lasting clinical outcomes.

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diy shockwave therapy machine

Our DIY shockwave therapy machine, also known as the OSANO CRIOSHOCK, provides three times faster results, up to 6.8 cm circumference reduction, and an impressive 40% to 60% fat reduction per treatment.

And this unique combination of treatments enables monthly cryolipolysis sessions and body contouring results in half the time.

Featuring E-CRYO pads, the machine ensures comfortable cooling treatment without the side effects of traditional vacuum cryolipolysis methods, such as edemas, bruising, and skin irritation.

Its electroporation technology stimulates the body’s bio-electrical process, creating muscle contractions, improving blood circulation, and enhancing metabolism during cryolipolysis.

Shockwave Frequency  1-21Hz
 Pressure  60-185mj
 Shocks  Minimum 2.000.000
 EMS Frequency  4000Hz
 Temperature  45 ℃  to  -10 ℃
 E -CRYO pad  4 Pieces
 Waveform  3  Kinds


Furthermore, our machine’s shock wave therapy system delivers mechanical action to blood circulation, collagen structure, and connective tissue, effectively addressing the clinical needs of anti-cellulite therapy and other aesthetic treatments.

When combined with E-CRYO pads, full fat reduction is achieved in just two weeks, and cellulite improvement becomes evident.

Thus, choose our DIY shockwave therapy machine for an advanced, efficient, and versatile solution for weight loss, cellulite reduction, and overall body contouring. With faster results and a wide range of applications, it is your ultimate choice in the aesthetic industry.



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