Green Cold Source Low-level 6D Lipo Light Machine

The Green Cold Source Low-level 6D Lipo Light Machine uses advanced light therapy to reduce fat and contour the body. It is non-invasive and has a cooling function for a comfortable experience.

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The Lipo Light Machine is a 360° Laser Therapy device designed for non-invasive weight loss treatments. This device employs low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or cold laser technology, which uses a specific wavelength of cold source laser to target the subcutaneous fat layer. The process involves stimulating the emulsification of intracellular fat, which is then expelled from the body through the lymphatic system. As the volume of fat cells is reduced, the device aims to achieve body contouring and shaping.

Key features of the Lipo Light Machine include:

  • 5-3b Line Generated Laser Diode Modules: These modules are likely responsible for producing the laser light used in the therapy.
  • LLLT/Cold Laser Technology: This technology is used for its non-invasive approach to fat reduction.
  • 6 Treatment Heads: The device is equipped with multiple heads to cover different areas simultaneously.
  • 532nm Laser Shape: The laser operates at a wavelength of 532nm, which is in the green light spectrum.
  • Green Lights Available: The device uses green light, which is associated with certain therapeutic effects.

The working principle of the 360° Laser Therapy device is based on the ability of the 532nm green laser to penetrate the skin without causing pain or discomfort, potentially stimulating acupuncture points in a manner similar to traditional acupuncture but without the invasiveness.

·Product Features

Developed for medical professionals, this Lipo Light Machine is a world leader in medical-grade Laser Therapy technology.

Featuring a 9.7-inch color touch screen, the Lipo Light Machine offers clear treatment parameters and a 360° rotation function head.

It boasts numerous advantages, such as digital frequency control, even and precise energy output, and incredible results in at least two weeks.

  • 360° Rotation Functions Head: The treatment heads can rotate, allowing for comprehensive coverage of the treatment area.
  • Color Touch Screen: The device features a user-friendly interface with clear treatment parameters.
  • Digital Frequency Control System: This ensures precise and even energy output.
  • Energy Output: The device has an energy output range of 800-1200mW.
  • Automatic Rotation: The laser heads can rotate automatically for ease of use.

·Product Parameters

Wavelength 532nm
Power <=100W
Input Power AC 110v-220v   50-60HZ
Energy Output 800-1200mW(per light)
Treatment Area 30mm*800mm
Display 9.7 inchs Color Touch Screen
Mode OF Operation Pulse & Continuous

·Treatment Area

The Lipo Light Machine suits various treatment areas, including thighs, arms, back, pecs, waist, chest, neck, hips, ankles, chin, vest, and mermaid lines. Furthermore, it is suitable for all skin types, non-invasive, and painless.

·Treatment Course


In contrast to traditional liposuction, this Lipo Light Machine offers a variety of advantages, such as being non-surgical and scar-free, achieving a more uniform liposuction effect, providing improved outcomes for sagging skin and cellulite fat, and reducing the risk of blood loss or hematoma formation.

Its 100% automated operation saves on staff costs, increases profits, and provides perfect no-contact treatments.

You can enjoy painless treatments without downtime, bruising, swelling, redness, or reported side effects.

Thus, transform your business and boost satisfaction by offering our cutting-edge lipo light body sculpting machine.

Invest in this remarkable product and elevate your services with top-of-the-line, non-invasive treatments that deliver exceptional results.

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With these advantages, OSANO is a reliable partner for businesses in the beauty industry, providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

With its versatility, efficacy, and emphasis on client comfort and safety, the lipo light body sculpting machine is an exceptional investment for any aesthetic practice.

Contact us today to bring this revolutionary Lipo Light Machine into your practice.



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