Portable 3 Handles Microcurrent Electroporation Mesotherapy Face Lifting Device Wrinkle Removal Machine

This portable 3 handles electroporation mesotherapy machine is a revolutionary and user-friendly device that merges microcurrent electroporation and mesotherapy, delivering outstanding face lifting and wrinkle removal outcomes.

With safety and simplicity in mind, it matches the immediate results of water mesotherapy injections while eliminating the need for needles.

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electroporation mesotherapy machine

Ideal for combating early signs of aging, the needle-free mesotherapy anti-aging treatment rejuvenates the skin by activating dermal fibroblasts and stimulating the self-repair mechanisms of the dermis and epidermis.

This process restores lost ingredients, revives dry and dull complexions, fortifies the dermis, smooths fine lines, fades pigmentation, and enhances skin firmness.

Employing needleless injection through electroporation, our electroporation mesotherapy machine boasts 10-27 times higher permeability than iontophoresis.

The needleless injector creates an electric field between a pair of electrodes, increasing skin cell permeability in the contact area. Then, the electrodes emit electric pulse waves that directly transfer macromolecular nutrients into the cells, seamlessly delivering nutrients to the dermis without breaking the skin.

Moreover, this electroporation mesotherapy machine includes three distinct treatment heads for the eyes, face, and body, each featuring a specialized frequency tailored to the particular skin properties of each area.

You can set different electric wave waveforms for each treatment head and individually adjust the energy levels from 1-10. And this flexibility ensures the most effective product injection into the dermis, boasting an impressive essence penetration rate of up to 80%.

Overall, our electroporation mesotherapy machine offers an enhanced skincare experience, providing a safe, efficient, and easy-to-operate solution that meets the growing demand for cutting-edge skincare treatments. Contact us today!


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