Portable EMS No Needle Mesotherapy Instrument Facial Care Beauty SPA Machine For Salon/Clinic

This portable EMS no needle mesotherapy instrument is an advanced electroporation facial machine explicitly designed for beauty spas and clinics. It eliminates the need for needles by using a special current to transport small and large molecules directly into the dermis, resulting in safe and easy-to-use operation.

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electroporation facial machine

Ideal for addressing early signs of aging, the needle-free mesotherapy anti-aging treatment works by activating dermal fibroblast activity and jumpstarting the self-repair mechanisms of the dermis and epidermis.

And it replenishes essential nutrients lost during aging, revitalizes dry skin, enhances dull skin tone, stimulates dermis thickening, minimizes fine lines, reduces pigmentation, and improves overall skin firmness.

Our electroporation facial machine utilizes needleless injection, which boasts 10-27 times higher permeability than iontophoresis. It generates an electric field between two electrodes, which increases the permeability of skin cells in the targeted area upon contact with the skin.

Then the electric pulse waves emitted by the electrodes propel macromolecular nutrients directly into the cells, allowing for easy nutrient delivery to the dermis without damaging the skin.

In addition, equipped with three treatment heads specifically designed for the eyes, face, and body, this versatile facial machine offers different frequencies tailored to each skin area.

You can adjust electric wave waveforms and energy levels (ranging from 1-10) for each mode, ensuring optimal product injection into the dermis and achieving an impressive essence penetration rate of up to 80%.

Thus, expand your salon or clinic’s offerings with our electroporation facial machine. It delivers exceptional skincare results while prioritizing safety and ease of operation.


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