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Large and medium sizes of vacuum rollers RF applicators treat on fat cellulite, Mini and Micro sizes RF Vacuum suction handles treat on face, neck and eye zone. rf in

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We all deserve to look good and have beautiful skin; even though age and time may be inevitable, you can keep your skin looking great for a long time.

This is why the vela slim cavitation machine has been introduced to the market.

The velashape 2 is an enhancement of the previous models, works excellently, and it is safe for everyone interested in getting the premium velashape treatment.

Velashape ii

The machine is best for getting rid of loose skin and maintenance treatments.

You will observe a noticeable reduction in fat cells and gradual and cumulative results when using this cavitation machine for a safe and effective treatment.

Who Needs Velashape Treatment?

The portable beauty slimming machine is suitable for everyone interested in contouring treatment, cellulite reduction, and preventing the appearance of cellulite on the skin’s surface.

Proper treatment with this machine leads to overall circumferential reduction, and you will enjoy warm deep tissue massage during the treatment session.

We recommend velashape ii treatments to everyone. However, you should ask your doctor if you can do the treatment if you have any underlying medical or health condition.

What Exactly is this Machine?

The velaslim portable machine is designed with the best cavitation features. These features allow the machine to be used for treating all skin types.

The machine works by using a radio frequency cavitation system administered with a vacuum roller for slimming and liposuction.

The machine is best for a safe and effective treatment, and it helps prevent skin laxity.

Patients who undergo treatment may also observe an increase in collagen production, which is excellent for skin health and lasting results.

Overall, you are also advised to have a proper healthy diet, which helps you enjoy longer-lasting results during and after circumferential reduction and maintenance treatments.

How Often are Treatment Sessions?

The machine is designed to be used multiple times to ensure you get the best results.

However, patients have different symptoms. Therefore, the treatment area and plan for one patient may not be suitable for another patient.

Therefore, it is best to plan properly while fully disclosing all you know about your condition before you start treatment.

Your cosmetic surgeon will determine the frequency of treatment sessions based on the information you provide during the consultation process.

On average, you may be required to undergo treatment twice a week or three times a month, depending on the cosmetic surgeon’s assessment and your final goals.

Overall, we are certain every patient treated with this portable Velaslim cavitation machine is the perfect solution to get rid of all the unwanted fat cells in your body and for cellulite reduction.

Your skin will look flawless, without lines, wrinkles, or other signs of blemishes.

Radio Frequency Operation

The skin has different layers where there are fat deposits.

These are the layers targeted during the contouring treatment.

The velashape ii machines produce radio frequency within a safe limit that is adequate to burn fat cells from the different layers under the skin surface.

In addition to getting rid of fat tissues using radio waves, the heat also helps stimulate the production of collagen, which is great for skin health and beauty.

Radio waves are best for skin and slimming treatments because the radio wave is safe for the general public, it feels comfortable during treatment sessions, and the treatment gives fast results.

RF treatments are best for parts of the body like the arms, buttocks, stomach area, face, and legs.

If necessary, your cosmetic surgeon may recommend maintenance treatments periodically for the treated area.

Ultra-Sound Cavitation

The other innovative treatment process you will gain from when using this machine is the cavitation effect.

The machine comes with probes that produce ultrasound waves, effective for eliminating fat tissue and cellulite reduction.

The ultra-sound waves are safe and generally recommended as a non-invasive body contouring treatment for anyone who needs to improve their skin quality and beauty.

The skin tightening effect last long, which gives you more value for investing in a body contouring treatment.

Product Specifications

The product comes packed with multiple features that guarantee maximum satisfaction, and it is also easy to use.

This means the cosmetic professional can use the features for any treatment area without going through an elaborate training and testing session.

Here are the main specifications that make this portable beauty slimming machine stand out:

Touch Control Screen

The machine has a well-designed control screen with touch-screen controls, making it easy to use all its features.

The machine’s operating system has different modes, which are perfect for different treatments for circumferential reduction and skin laxity.

The touch screen is 5.6 inches and has TFT true tone features with an excellent resolution.

Excellent Vacuum Pressure

The probes on the machine have an adequate vacuum pressure needed for proper treatment.

The vacuum pressure it generates is from 200 – 780 mmHg, which is excellent for body contouring.

This is the maximum L pressure it generates, while the maximum M&S pressure you can get with this machine is from 90 – 780 mmHg.

RF Frequency Rating

The RF frequency rating of this machine is 5 Mhz, which perfectly suits the other slimming and body contouring treatments with the machine.

Durable L and M Rollers

The rollers on this machine are sturdy and built to last. This makes the machine an excellent investment because it can be used for many hours.

The lifetime for the rollers is estimated to be from 150 hours to 250 hours. This is great for people who need to use the machine for long hours.

Cavitation Frequency

The machine works with a power output of 500 W, which is perfect for sustaining the cavitation frequency, which falls within the range of 35 – 40 Khz.

The product comes in a proper package with the machine, power cord, holder, a 40k cavitation, bipolar head, and the L and M vacuum rollers.

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