Radio Frequency Mono Polar Fat Reduction Body Shaping Machine

This body shaping machine accurately targets subcutaneous fat for long-lasting reduction. Offering tailored treatments with proven results in just 15 minutes, it’s ideal for abdominal lipolysis, circumferential reduction, and deep dermal heating. It ensures high patient satisfaction with an average of 24% fat reduction. Using ShapeSculpting ID technology, it can treat multiple body areas simultaneously. Multiple handpiece options ensure patient safety and consistent results.


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Our advanced body shaping machine accurately targets the subcutaneous fat layer, delivering enduring fat reduction outcomes. It’s engineered to render customized treatments with confirmed results in a short span of just 15 minutes.

This device is perfect for executing abdominal lipolysis, reducing the circumference of the abdomen and flanks, and promoting deep dermal heating.

Featuring the innovative ShapeSculpting ID technology, our body sculpting machine serves as a potent platform for treating multiple body areas concurrently.

Equipped with an array of handpiece options and placements, this modern technology prioritizes patient safety and delivers uniform, clinically verified results.

Working Principle:

This body shaping machine operates based on Cutera’s unique 2 MHz Monopolar RF technology.

This technology utilizes low-frequency, evenly-distributed delivery to reach from the skin’s surface to the muscle layer, penetrating deep into the fat, ensuring its effectiveness.

The device also features real-time temperature regulation that monitors the skin’s temperature and automatically adjusts energy delivery to maintain a therapeutic temperature above 45ºC in the fat layer while keeping the skin’s temperature around 3-4ºC lower.

This personalized monopolar RF body sculpting device provides fat-to-heat selectivity, maximizing energy delivery and heating to amplify the selective apoptosis of subcutaneous fat tissue.

Consequently, around 24% of fat cells are permanently destroyed. These fat cells are gradually eliminated and expelled through the body’s natural mechanisms over a span of 12 weeks.


Technology Mono polar Radio Frequency(RF)
Frequency 1MHz / 2MHz
Maximum Power 400W
Treatment Area 16cm2 / UP to 300cm2
Console Dimensions 32cm’’W * 40cm’’L * 26cm’’H
Console Electrical Voltage: 100VAC-240VAC

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