High Intensity Electromagnetic Body Sculpting Machine Professional

Our innovative body sculpting machine professional provides a non-invasive “dual treatment” for improved tone and contours in hard-to-target, fatty areas such as the abdomen and “love handles”. In just four 30-minute sessions, patients can experience immediate and lasting results without anesthesia or surgery.

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Our innovative Body Sculpting Machine Professional offers the ideal “dual treatment” for patients seeking improved tone and contours in hard-to-target, fatty areas such as the abdomen and “love handles.”

With just four sessions of 30 minutes each, patients can enjoy the many benefits of this non-invasive procedure, which feels like an intense workout but does not require anesthesia or surgery.

The Body Sculpting equipment is safe, with no downtime, and patients can experience immediate results that continue to improve over two to four weeks.

On average, patients can expect a muscle mass gain of 16% and a body fat reduction of 19%, making it a highly effective treatment option.

With our Body Sculpting Machine, you can achieve your desired results with ease and confidence, knowing you’re using the latest technology in a safe and effective manner.

·Working Principle:

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Our advanced Body Sculpting equipment utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to provide intense training that reshapes the internal structure of your abdominal and oblique muscles.

With repeated expansion and contraction, this technology increases muscle density and volume by forming new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia).

Additionally, fatty acids are released from triglycerides and accumulate in fat cells, leading to fat cell apoptosis when fatty acid concentrations are too high.

This is quickly eliminated through the body’s natural metabolism, allowing the Body Sculpting Machine to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle.

This innovative technology not only helps you maintain correct posture but also induces significant fat disintegration.

· Before and After:

Experience the remarkable effects of our Body Sculpting Machine, which has been clinically proven to increase muscle by 16% and decrease fat by 19% after just one course of therapy.

This innovative technology targets the oblique abdominal muscles to generate the mermaid line, works the hip muscles to create peach hips, and builds abdominal muscles for a defined vest line.

Moreover, the Body Sculpting Machine is perfect for mothers dealing with rectus abdominis separation after delivery, resulting in losing belly fat.

Additionally, it addresses urine infiltration and incontinence, tightens loosened pelvic floor muscles, and triggers collagen regeneration for a tight vagina.

By strengthening core muscles, such as the gluteus maximus and abdominals, the machine can increase sports performance and reduce the risk of injury.

These core muscle groups provide structural support, protect the spine, maintain trunk stability, promote proper posture, and contribute to a youthful body.

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