Portable Beauty Slimming Vacuum Body Roll Machine

If you’re looking for a way to contour your body that’s both efficient and effective, this portable beauty slimming vacuum body roll machine might be just what you need. It’s specially made to reduce fat, decrease circumference, eliminate cellulite, and give you smoother skin without harming your healthy cells.

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The velaslim cavitation body roll machine features advanced 40KHz ultra cavitation technology that targets fat tissue deep at 13mm, enabling the destruction of stubborn fat deposits in large areas. With a cavitation power of 80 to 150W and an intensity of 2 to 5W/cm2, it employs auto-tracking technology to optimize the cavitation frequency for maximum results.

With our revolutionary body roll machine, you can see visible improvements in just 30 minutes of treatment.

First, placing the target Lipo Cavitation applicator on the treated area, then emitting lipo cavitation energy for two minutes, which causes acoustic waves to collapse subcutaneous fat cells over five minutes. And the broken adipose tissue is released and metabolized by the body within ten minutes.

Moreover, this device has two applicators designed to treat various body areas. The LShape applicator is perfect for large areas such as thighs, buttocks, abdomen, or back, while the MShape applicator is specifically designed for smaller areas like flanks, calves, arms, and reinforcing the results achieved with the LShape applicator.

Thus, invest in our body roll machine. It is essential to any beauty clinic or spa, ensuring satisfaction and driving business growth.

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