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Super Contour 80k Cavitation Machine is an elite, results-driven contouring solution for today’s aesthetic practices. With its blend of cutting-edge cavitation, laser, radiofrequency and vacuum technologies all in one intuitive system, it enables transformative body and facial treatments that are safe, comfortable and free of downtime. This exceptional versatility also provides an outstanding return on investment – satisfying more clients while growing your business offerings.
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80k cavitation machine

Introducing the Super Contour 80k Cavitation Machine – a revolutionary 4-in-1 solution for whole-body contouring and aesthetic enhancement.

Integrating powerful cavitation, vacuum, radio frequency, and laser lipolysis technologies into one advanced system, this versatile device delivers transformative results in fat elimination, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction.

With the 80k cavitation machine, visible outcomes are achievable from the very first session. It can be used as a standalone treatment or to complement other body-sculpting procedures. Maintaining long-term results also relies on healthy lifestyle choices.

At the core of this multi-capability device is 80kHz cavitation – providing intense focused ultrasound to effectively target stubborn subcutaneous fat. The unique 4C cavitation applicator combines four transducers, covering an expansive 58cm2 treatment area with up to 200 watts of power. Transducers can operate simultaneously or independently for customized delivery.

Lshape applicator 2

The system also features auto frequency tracking, ensuring the ultrasonic waves precisely hone in on fat tissue without impacting surrounding structures. This leads to unmatched efficiency in fat cavitation, with visibly noticeable outcomes in as little as 30 minutes.

The 80k cavitation machine further includes the advanced Osano Shape technology, which amalgamates vacuum massage, bipolar radiofrequency, and laser lipolysis to complement cavitation treatments. This combination of thermal heating and mechanical manipulation produces excellent body contouring and skin tightening results.

Osano Shape offers interchangeable Mshape and Lshape applicators to target different treatment zones – the Mshape for smaller areas like arms and abdomen, and the Lshape for thighs, hips and buttocks.

With extreme precision and adjustability across multiple technologies, the 80k cavitation machine delivers dramatic, customizable body transformation.

Laser Contour, another key feature of the 80k cavitation machine, uses advanced dual-wavelength technology (650nm & 980nm) with 165mw power for each laser lamp. This approach sculpts the waist, hips, thighs, arms, and neck for a comprehensive body sculpting experience.

Equipped with 12 pads, the Laser Contour ensures maximum results. An adjustable strap holds the pads securely against the treatment area for optimal effect.

Laser contour

The 80k cavitation machine also integrates advanced Laser Contour technology – harnessing the power of dual-wavelength laser lipolysis for unmatched body sculpting. Using concentrated 650nm and 980nm lasers with 165mw intensity per lamp, Laser Contour specifically targets fat cells and fibrous tissue. This induces the effective melting of stubborn fatty deposits across the waist, hips, thighs, arms, and neck for comprehensive contouring.

With 12 specialized treatment pads, the large coverage Laser Contour applicator ensures maximum thermal effects to these targeted areas. The adjustable strap design also allows the pads to be securely fixed against the body for optimal laser delivery and client comfort.

Furthermore, the 80k cavitation machine’s Facial RF feature complements body treatments by rejuvenating and tightening facial skin. Combining multipolar radiofrequency with vacuum massage, this applicator includes interchangeable micro and mini-sized heads to focus on delicate areas around the eyes, forehead, mouth and neck. The non-invasive thermal heating visibly reduces wrinkles and restores a youthful glow.

·Product Parameters

Feature Specification
Screen 10.2 inch TFT truecolor touch
Cavitation Frequency 40 KHz
Cavitation Transducers 4 pcs combination
Cavitation Treated Surface 58 cm2
Cavitation Power 120 ~ 200W
Power Density Max 3 W/cm2 per transducer
Maximum Vacuum Pressure 100KPa
Vacuum Modes 1 continuous & 3 pulse
Laser Wavelengths 650nm & 980nm
Laser Energy Output 165mW
Large Laser Pad 10 diodes/pcs, 8 pcs
Small Laser Pad 2 diodes/pcs, 4 pcs
RF Frequency 5mhz
Osano Shape Applicator Lshape (Mshape alternative)
Vface Applicators Mini size & Micro size

·Why Choose Osano?

OSANO has several advantages that make it a reliable partner in the beauty industry.

With reasonable trade ability and production capacity, coupled with many years of cooperative forwarder shipping agent, the company ensures fast and guaranteed delivery as per the customer’s needs.

Communication with OSANO is easy and efficient. The average lead time is 10 days, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly.

With these advantages, OSANO is a reliable partner for businesses in the beauty industry, providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

With its versatility, efficacy, and emphasis on client comfort and safety, the 80k cavitation machine is an exceptional investment for any aesthetic practice.

Contact us today to bring this revolutionary 80k cavitation machine into your practice.


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Lead Time

30 days


T/T, Western Union, PayPal

Product Origin


Shipping Port


Host display

10 “TFT color touch screen

Handle display

34.3 “TFT color touch screen

Vacuum pressure


Cavitation(with 4 conductors)


Vacuum RF frequency


Lipo laser of vacuum handle


Lipo laser pads

8pcs big size + 4pcs small size

Lipo laser power

125 mW/lamp

Cavitation Power

up to 200W



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