Deep Cleaning Skin Care 6 IN 1 Facial Machine

Portable 6 IN 1 Facial Machine that combines advanced technologies such as water dermabrasion, ultrasound, and bio microcurrent multipolar RF.

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Product Details

·Product Description

The 6 IN 1 Facial Machine comes with six probes for:

  • Aqua facial treatment
  • Ultrasound skin treatment,
  • Skin scrubber
  • RF handle
  • Spray gun
  • And a Cold Hammer

The probes on the HydraFacial machine perform various functions, including exfoliation, increasing blood circulation, and eliminating dead skin to promote healthy and rejuvenated skin.

The jet peel treatment smoothens fine lines by clearing congested skin and removing dead skin. Led light therapy can also smooth wrinkles on any skin type.

How it Works

The HydraFacial machine treatment is virtually painless, according to many clients of different age groups.

It removes blackheads and leaves no redness on the skin, allowing individuals to resume their normal activities after treatment sessions.

This painless skin treatment is an advantage for individuals who do not want to undergo painful cosmetic surgery procedures.

·Top Features of this 6 IN 1 Facial Machine

Product Description - 6-in-1 Hydro Facial Dermabrasion Machine

Adjustment Knobs

There are dedicated knobs for controlling the flow and vacuum intensity while using the HydraFacial machine.

The expert can use these knobs to adjust the 6 IN 1 Facial Machine to ensure they get the best results. Both adjustment knobs are easily reachable while the machine is in use.

Operating Power

The 6 IN 1 Facial Machine requires up to 350w to function at its maximum capacity. This powers the control screen panel, six functional probes, and other essential features the skincare expert uses when treating their patients.

The voltage indications for these professional 6 IN 1 Facial Machines are from 100 – 200v at a frequency range of 50 – 60 Hz.

Operating Frequencies

The frequency for ultrasound treatment is 1 MHz, which is more than sufficient for 6 IN 1 Facial Machine designed for hydra dermabrasion and other skin conditions that require treating deeper layers.

Also, the RF frequency of this hydro dermabrasion machine is 3 MHz. With that level of frequency output, the facial machine is the best option to deep clean skin layers and eliminate acne, wrinkles, etc.

Probes with Long Cords

The long cords attaching these probes to the machine for HydraFacial treatment help the user work more efficiently.

They can move around the client undergoing treatment and reach all parts of their facial structure. The cords on these probes are sturdy and do not disconnect from the machine because they are of high quality.

Vacuum Intensity Range

This 6 IN 1 Facial Machine for HydraFacial treatment is a favorite because of its impressive vacuum intensity range. The range is from 0 – 90 Kpa, which means it is adequate for acne-prone skin and deep cleansing.

Product Weight

The hydra dermabrasion and exfoliation machine weighs only 8 kg. Compared to other models, this is a reasonable weight range. Also, the product’s dimensions are 42.5 x 30 x 45.5 cm, making it suitable for salons, spas, and other beauty treatment clinics worldwide.

The machine ships out in secure packages, so it gets to your warehouse in perfect form with no worries about damages.

Usage Indications

This 6 IN 1 Facial Machine has accessories like the cold hammer, Bipolar RF frequency probe, ultrasound probe, and hydro water facial cleaner. These and other accessories are helpful to deep clean and keep the skin looking radiant and glowing at all times.

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