Body Slimming Cellulite Removal 30k Cavitation Machine

Our body slimming cellulite removal 30k cavitation machine is a cutting-edge solution for seeking non-invasive body and facial contouring technology.

It combines cavitation, bi-polar RF, IR energy, vacuum suction, and mechanical rollers to effectively eliminate fat cells and cellulite, providing fat reduction, cellulite smoothing, circumference reduction, skin tightening, and lifting.

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30k Cavitation Machine

The cavitation handle operation interface of this 30k cavitation machine allows users to adjust treatment time, energy, and ultrasound settings.

Using ultrasonic cavitation technology, it disintegrates deep cellulite effectively, with a high power strength of 2.3.5W/cm2.

And designed for the disintegration of large stubborn fat areas, this non-invasive treatment takes only 10 minutes at a single site, with results excreted through metabolism.

Our 30k cavitation machine’s Lshape big vacuum roller handle operation interface offers adjustable treatment time, negative pressure level, bi-polar RF energy, IR energy, roller speed, and roller direction.

And the handle features four working modes of rollers, targeting the side of the waist to the navel. As fat cells break down due to heat, collagen shrinks and re-aligns, providing impressive results.

The Mshape vacuum roller handle is tailored for fat reduction and body shaping, utilizing small and medium-sized rollers.

Its operation interface can adjust treatment time, negative pressure level, bi-polar RF energy, and vacuum roller mode to achieve customized results.

Additionally, the negative pressure + radio frequency handle operation interface combines IR energy and RF to improve sagging skin, offering three specifications for full-body treatments.

With four negative pressure modes, this handle can be used for fat reduction, body shaping, and even scraping physiotherapy.

In conclusion, our 30k cavitation machine is a one-stop service that includes cavitation, vacuum roller, and bi-polar RF features. Its multi-functions cater to various needs, such as fat loss, cellulite elimination, body sculpting, and body contouring.

So this advanced device is the perfect addition to any professional aesthetic practice, offering impressive results and satisfaction.

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