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ORelax repairs the barrier of sensitive skin, reduces skin sensitivity and discharges toxins such as fluorescent agents and heavy metal ions left in the skin; repairs hormone face and boosts immunity.

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ORelax-The professional Skin-cooling System at -20℃

ORelax is a cryo electrophoresis device that cools the skin surface, allowing the drug to penetrate more effectively than conventional ways due to the cooling effect fenerates by strong current flow.

Repairing sensitive skin

1. Repair sensitive skin. Increase the thickness of sebum film, rebuild the skin barrier function, increase the skin’s tolerance to external stimuli, and reduce skin allergy symptoms.
2. Facial rejuvenation. It is divided into seven layers to replenish moisture and nutrients to the skin, effectively remove fine dry lines on the skin, shrink pores, and brighten the complexion.
3. Combined with medical skin care products to treat skin diseases. Treats melasma, hormone-dependent dermatitis, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and more.

Powerful functions:

Deep detoxification
Deeply discharge toxins such as fluorescent gold, lead and mercury, and heavy metal ions remaining in the skin; repair hormone face.
Activate collagen
Unblock capillaries, activate collagen, and accelerate self-extraction circulation metabolism.
Relieve inflammation
After photoelectric equipment treatment, the skin and redness will be reduced, effectively preventing adverse consequences such as color sinking and anti-darkness after photoelectric treatment.
Enhance product activity
Promote strong penetration of products and enhance the skin’s absorption rate of products.
Improve skin texture
Improve skin microcirculation, dilute dark circles, relieve eye fatigue, increase skin elasticity and transparency.
Sensitive repair
Effectively repair the skin barrier, enhance immunity, and be used for sensitive skin repair and skin repair after sun exposure.

An instrument specially developed for sensitive skin repair, it can quickly calm and repair the 3 major barriers of the skin, infuse nutrients into the skin, fortify barrier defenses, and solve various troubles of personal sensitive skin. Using the 27MHZ eddy current electric field, with unique physical characteristics, coupled with unique military radar positioning, bionic medical radio wave technology can increase local blood circulation, strengthen the phagocytic function of phagocytes, and promote the metabolism and absorption of inflammatory substances.

What is Electrophoresis?

It is a system that enables drug penetration to a desired site without using a needle, ionization and physical penetration are combined for maximization of penetration.

CBNData research data shows that 78% of women feel less satisfied with the state of their skin, such as aging, dry skin, excessive oil secretion, large pores, damaged keratin, etc. are always big concerns for women. Four common types of sensitive skin: Hormone Sensitive Skin, Combination sensitive skin, Dry sensitive skin, Oily sensitive skin.

ORelax Sensitive skin repair machine treatment area application:
It acts on the repair of the skin’s hydrolipidic film, thickens the cutin of the skin, restores the skin barrier function, and enhances the skin’s resistance.
1.Hormone dependent dermatitis repair
2.Rehabilitation for sensitive skin
3.Cosmetic damage dermatitis repair
4.Rehabilitation of solar dermatitis
5.Rosacea seborrheic dermatitis repair
6.Diffuse telangiectasia and facial flushing repair
7.Dry skin, peeling, moisturizing, whitening, blemish, firming and lifting

4 Mode:

Massage mode

-Negative/positive ion crossing for skin balance adjustment

-Improve skin elasticity


Skin smoothing mode

-Cryo Therapy

-Soothing, swelling & relieving pain


Nutrition mode

-lon input function

-Nourish the skin


Cleansing mode

-Ability to extract and discharge ions

-Cleanse skin by removing debris from the deep skin

ORelax New Technology

Through specific 27MHz eddy current electric field technology, it allows the essence to enter the dermis layer, oen microchannel, replenishes skin nutrition, and strengthen the activity of regional heat shock cells and accelerate metabolism, increases Ca2+ and Zn2+ ion concentration, strengthen intercellular information transmission and cell activity, and comprehensively improve the microcirculation of sensitive skin.

The 27MHZ eddy current electric field can increase the local blood oxygen supply by 3-5 times, effectively strengthen the phagocytosis of phagocytes, promote blood circulation, quickly relieve inflammation, and restore skin vitality.

Specific radio technology

Using a compression device to pressurize the water and circulate it through the cooling device on the probe to promote a certain contraction of local capillaries, produce a deep thermal effect, improve blood circulation and reduce the inflammatory effect in order to protect the epidermis, reduce pain and make the high energy density work on the target tissue without damaging the epidermis. Continuously provide cold protection to the skin surface, so that the skin irritation caused by the effective relief.


Source   Cryo Electrophoresis
Energi   Level 1-20
Temperatur   -20℃-20℃
Time set 0-30 minutes
Strömförsörjning 220-230VAC 50-60Hz

100-130VAC 50-60Hz

Dimension 32cm*41cm*27cm






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