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Discover our cutting-edge endosphere machine, a pioneering innovation in body contouring technology, built to combat cellulite, enhance skin tone and texture, and promote healthy lymphatic circulation.

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Endosphere Machine

This groundbreaking endosphere machine is equipped with compression micro-vibration technology, optimized to stimulate lymphatic drainage, augment blood flow, and target cellulite in troublesome areas such as thighs, buttocks, and upper arms.

By ingeniously blending vibration and pressure, it sculpts your body, reduces inflammation, and effectively eliminates the unsightly “orange peel” effect.

What’s more, this non-invasive, surgery-free device features a 360° rotating silicone ball, providing continuous push-pull kneading action that stimulates cellular activity and blood flow while carefully exerting pressure on deep muscle groups to alleviate stiffness and discomfort, all without causing any harm to your skin.


Produktnamn Inner Ball Roller Anti-celluliter bantning terapi maskin
Fungera Cellulitreduktion/Viktminskning/Kroppsformning/Huduppstramning/Anti-aging/Huduppstramning/ Anti-aging
Service efter försäljning Onlinesupport, Videoteknisk support, Onlinesupport, Videoteknisk support
Handtag 2 handtag, ett för ansikte, ett för kropp
Behandlingsområde Ansikte, kropp, ben, armar, mage, höfter och så vidare
Pekskärm 9,7 tum stor LCD (stativ) & 10,2 tum stor LCD (skrivbord)
Stort handtags hastighet 450 rpm
Hastighet för litet handtag 410 rpm
Utgångsfrekvens 40-254Hz
Uteffekt 10-300W
Inspänning AC110V/220V 50-60/Hz
Service OEM ODM
Ansökan För kommersiell skönhetssalong

Our endosphere machine also boasts a unique 360° intelligent rotating drum handle with a digital LED display, allowing for effortless control and fine-tuning of rotation direction and speed.

A versatile powerhouse, it offers multifunctional capabilities, including drainage detoxification, slimming and lifting, muscle relaxation, blood purification, and endorphin activation.

So, choose our endosphere machine for superior cellulite reduction, body reshaping, and skin rejuvenation. Step into the future of standing cellulite body contouring technology with this pioneering device.




360° vakuumvalsmaskin


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