Portable Micro Current Electroporation Skin Moisturizer No Needle Anti-aging Mesotherapy Beauty Machine

Медицинская версия безыгольного инъекционного устройства использует специальный ток для введения малых и больших молекул в дерму.

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The medical version of the needle-free injection device uses a special current to introduce small and large molecules into the dermis. This device has the same immediate effect as water mesotherapy injection, but it is safer and simple to operate. It can also inject lipolysis solution to achieve the effect of injecting lipolysis needle.

Needle-free Mesotherapy anti-aging is a project that is very suitable for early aging. By activating the activity of dermal fibroblasts, it also activates the self-repair mechanism of the dermis and epidermis. Replenish the ingredients lost in the aging process, change dry skin, dull skin tone, stimulate the thickening of the dermis, dilute fine lines, dilute pigmentation, and make the skin firmer.

What is Needleless Injection? Simply put, it is electroporation with 10-27 times higher permeability than iontophoresis. The needleless injector generates an electric field between the two electrodes. When the electrodes contact the skin, the skin cells in this area are in the electric field, and the cell membrane becomes very permeable. Then the electrodes emit electric pulse waves. The macromolecular nutrients are directly “pushed” into the cells, and it is easy to deliver nutrients to the dermis without breaking the skin.


There are three treatment heads for eyes, face and body. Each treatment head has a different frequency. According to the characteristics of different parts of the skin, different electric wave waveforms can be set. The energy of each mode can be adjusted individually, which can be free from 1-10. The adjustment can better inject the product into the dermis, and the essence penetration rate is as high as 80%.


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