Cel mai bun aparat cu ultrasunete pentru față

The best home ultrasound machine for face is the perfect solution for achieving professional-grade skincare results in the comfort of your home.

This revolutionary device utilizes LDM technology, the only treatment system that uses 10MHz ultrasound and counter wave technology to perform Nano Cell Massage (NCM) among existing skin beauty instruments. And with the latest technology, you can experience the most effective anti-aging system that precisely focuses on dermal cells.


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Cel mai bun aparat cu ultrasunete pentru față

This ONoble ultrasonic device is designed for special treatment in aesthetic medicine, setting it apart from traditional ultrasonic machines. It incorporates traditional ultrasonic therapy and three new technologies, significantly enhancing curative effects.

This user-friendly best home ultrasound machine for face minimizes the number of control elements for easy operation. And auditory and visual signals simplify ONoble’s operation, reducing potential errors.

With a high-quality treatment head (ultrasound probe) made of titanium and a ring-shaped contact display, our best home ultrasound machine for face guarantees the highest level of safety, allowing users to enjoy ONoble treatments without side effects.

Articol nr. ONoble
Frecvențele ultrasunetelor 1MHz, 3MHz, 10MHz
ONoble 1/3MHz, ONoble 3/10MHz
ONoble 1/3/10MHz
Sonotrode Sonotrod 1) 1/3/10MHz 5.0cm2
Intensitate până la 3,0 W/cm2
Regimuri cont., 1:2, 1:5, 1:10
Conexiune electrică 230V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Intrare 55VA

Its core technology is high-density Ultrasound-10MHz. Unlike traditional ultrasonic systems, ONoble concentrates energy on the epidermis and dermis where skin aging occurs, using ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 10MHz and a penetration depth of 0.3cm.

This allows for accurate stimulation of superficial skin cell regeneration.

ONoble’s crossover frequency patent technology enables two wavelengths to achieve continuous collagen increase, lifting, and firming effects. And it adjusts skin depth without side effects and painlessly modifies the aging skin structure, surpassing existing lasers, HIFU, and Thermage.

Terapia cu ultrasunete LDM Noblesse 10MHz 3 în 1 Dispozitiv de slăbire cu ultrasunete pentru îndepărtarea ridurilor Instrument de îngrijire facială

And the 10MHz ultrasound wavelength effectively stimulates cell membranes and promotes cell viability by directly affecting individual cells or small cell groups in the tissue.


Furthermore, the loosening effect of this best home ultrasound machine for face evenly redistributes relaxed tissues, smoothing uneven areas and binding new cells more firmly. In loose skin tissue, it minimizes and prevents side effects like pain, swelling, and congestion during cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Hence, invest in our best home ultrasound machine for face to elevate your skincare routine and achieve professional results without leaving your home.

Programe estetice Programe dermatologice
• Elasticitate, portanţă
• Îmbunătățiți ridurile
•Reduceți porii
• Regenerarea pielii, hidratare, albire
•Randuri de atrofie, celulita
• Piele anti-îmbătrânire
• Acnee, dermatită atopică
• Marea roșie
• Piele afectată
• Acnee
• Cicatrici obeze, cheloide
• Echimoze postoperatorii, umflare

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