Salone di bellezza Sbiancamento della pelle 470nm 590 nm 640nm Spa Trattamento dell'acne Luce a LED Fototerapia dinamica Macchina PDT con ruote

Discover the beauty salon spa acne treatment machine with wheels, an innovative skincare solution tailored for you. It addresses issues such as scar reduction, acne resolution, anti-aging, and eliminating redness and swelling.

It also integrates Bellat Japan Skin whitening and rejuvenation and employs 470nm, 590nm, and 640nm led light therapy.

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Bellat Japan Skin Whitening Rejuvenation Multifunzione Hydra Beauty Dispositivo per la rimozione del pigmento facciale 470 nm 590 nm 640nm LED Light Therapy PDT Machine

Our acne treatment machine is equipped with 1800 narrow-frequency beads that are 20 times more powerful than conventional spectrometers.

It utilizes red, blue, yellow, and green infrared, offering five color narrow-frequency beads with infrared, red, and blue lights.

Besides, it harnesses heat therapy combined with special wavelength lights.

The red light helps restore constricted pores, the blue light reduces inflammation and acne, while the yellow light suppresses lipids and controls oil production.


The device works based on three principles, which include using a 640nm wavelength to promote metabolism, improve skin microcirculation, increase collagen, and enhance skin elasticity.

Additionally, it uses a 470nm wavelength for blue light sterilization and skin purification and a 590nm wavelength for stimulating microcirculation and decomposing pigment.

Moreover, this acne treatment machine is versatile, offering multiple applications such as water and light project for rapid absorption of active ingredients, acne treatment project for acne and oily skin management, anti-freckle and anti-aging programs for inflammation reduction, and hydration and skin resurfacing project for activating moisture and doubling nutrient introduction.

Hence, equip your salon or spa with this advanced acne treatment machine and provide exceptional skincare solutions.

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