Melyek a helyes kezelési lépések a kavitációs vákuum és a rádiófrekvencia között?

“My fat loss machine DOUBLE SHAPE with 40kHz ultrasonic cavitation + body radio frequency + vacuum suction function together in one. What are the correct steps to use all these 3 hand pieces for a complete fat loss and anti cellulite treatment?

This is a frequently asked question by the doctors and therapists after they finally own a 3 in 1(cavitation RF vacuum) multifunctional slimming machine.
There is no doubt that the first step should be used 40kHz ultrasonic cavitation vacuum applicator. Modulable dual cavitaiton transducers exploits the particular angle to centres the emission only on the area of tissue to be treated, vacuum negative pressure between cavitation transducers suck the adipose layer towards it. The acoustic wave resonance effect to the fat cell membrane would be much better if the fat tissue is still initially tough.

After using the cavitation vacuum applicator in the first step, here comes the big wonder in other multifunctional slimming machine that “should I use body radio frequency head first or the vacuum body toning head?”. But with our Double Shape, there is no doubt to use vacuum RF rolling handle after cavitation vacuum treatment


After cavitation procedure, some fat cells are destroyed, some are partially destroyed, but some fat cells are basically intact. So they have different sizes. RF Radio Frequency energy will heat fat tissue, size will become smaller and your body’s skin will tighten, Vacuum suction will pull up the tissue. When the vacuum suction head moves back and forth, the tissue is also being drawn. This behavior will destroy the support structure around each fat tissue grid, which significantly facilitates the metabolism of fat cells more easily.


Like you have a lot of different sizes of potatoes full in the basket. If you shake it, the smaller ones will go to the bottom and the bigger one will be left to the top. There will be more room to be retained because shaking helps to redistribute the potatoes to fill up the room that fits their sizes most.


In fact, the fat tissue circumference reduction effects will be seen partly right after finishing the Cavitation Vacuum treatment. With the coming RF Vacuum massage procedure on fat dissolving and tightening, the fat will be reduced further and become smaller, and the skin becomes toned and tightened. The appearance of cellulite would become smoother instantly.
Many therapists were fulfilling the incorrect procedures but their patients still gained results, just not optimized. This only proves how powerful and effective this treatment is.
With DOUBLE SHAPE, the dual cavitation transducers deliver double ultrasonic energy to heat the deep layers, break down the underlying fat cells. The non-surgical OSANO SHAPE helps the lymphatic system drain away the excess toxins and fats and increase blood circulation in the area following up with cavitation vacuum treatment.

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