Tragbares Piezo-Wellentherapiegerät

Ästhetische Verwendung und Gesundheitspflege Preis für extrakorporale Elektroschockwellen für Stoßwellentherapiegeräte.

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Akustische Kompressionstherapie (ACT) ist ein anderer Name für die Piezowellentherapie. Für die folgenden Erkrankungen bietet ACT, eine hochmoderne neue Schmerzbehandlungstechnik, einen hochwirksamen Ersatz für Operationen und Injektionen. Die Piezowellentherapie ist eine wirksame Schmerzlinderung bei akuten und chronischen Schmerzen bei folgenden Problemen.

  • Achillessehnenentzündung und Tennisarm
  • Syndrom des Iliotibialbandes
  • Kalkhaltige Plantarfasziitis der Rotatorenmanschette
  • Nackenschmerzen durch Sehnenscheidenentzündung
  • Schulterschmerzen
  • Hüftschmerzen
  • Rückenschmerzen
  • Palmar-plantares Syndrom
  • Knieschmerzen
  • Knöchelschmerzen
  • Verletzte Füße
  • Kieferschmerzen
  • Chirurgische Narbenbehandlung
  • Hamstrings Sehnenentzündung
  • Präzise Tiefengewebsmassage

Therapie für Triggerpunkte

Acoustic compression therapy is entirely safe, painless, soft, and non-invasive. A.C.T. treatments last 5 to 10 minutes, and while most problems improve after 2 to 5 sessions overall, additional time may be needed for persistent conditions.

A.C.T. doesn’t call for anesthesia, medicine, recuperation time, or high treatment expenditures. Chronic pain is successfully treated with acoustic compression therapy, which also helps injured muscles and ligaments regain strength and mobility. Over 20 years ago, Acoustic Compression Therapy was first used to treat muscle and tendon-related pain in Europe.


Was ist der Prozess der Piezowellentherapie?

Piezoelectric pressure pulses that cause a wave-like expansion in the body are referred to as A.C.T. The pressure pulses dissolve calcifications and scar tissue, boosting circulation and metabolism while allowing damaged tissue to recover.

The immediate impact of shockwave therapy on nerves may lessen discomfort and promote the healing process. For the body to heal from injuries, Acoustic Compression Therapy activates specific bodily organs.

Additionally, this therapy is helpful in persistent pain when the body has previously failed to recover fully.

Numerous conventional treatments, such as steroid injections, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, and so on, can help the body when an injury is still in its early, acute stages.

Traditional therapies, however, are significantly less effective in promoting the body’s ability to recover when an injury develops into a chronic condition. An efficient substitute for these therapies is the piezo wave.

For instance, many patients can recall when a cortisone or other steroid injection appeared to be successful in relieving pain early in the healing process, but that future treatments were far less successful.

Acoustic therapy is excellent because it is one of the few medical technologies that appear effective when an injury has progressed to a chronic, non-healing stage.

Wie funktioniert es?

The fundamental idea behind Acoustic Compression Therapy (A.C.T.) is a non-invasive treatment of acute and persistent musculoskeletal pain.

Acoustic sound waves exhibit a pressure surge with an incredibly rapid rising time, an exponential pressure decline, and a brief negative pressure period.

The Piezo Wave’s generated sound waves concentrate or grow in the target tissue where the pain originates. They result in better local blood flow and metabolism.


By promoting the body’s regeneration process, A.C.T. promotes healing.

The sound waves (low-energy waves) release proteins that hasten the healing process, like a therapeutic deep tissue massage.

At tissue interfaces, energy is released as a sound wave when the sound wave impedance or the tissue’s density changes. Where soft tissue, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones converge, impedance changes occur.

An A.C.T. treatment appears to generate energy that stimulates cellular reactions that release numerous chemicals and enhance blood flow to the treated tissue, promoting tissue regeneration in tendons, joints, and bones.


Cellulite entsteht durch den Push-and-Pull-Effekt. Größere Fettzellen heben die Epidermis an und verengen das Kreislaufsystem, wodurch die Passage von Nährstoffen und Abfallprodukten aus dem Körper verringert wird. Verringerter Austausch im Kreislauf führt zu einer allmählichen Verhärtung des Bindegewebes und zieht die Haut nach unten.

Während der Therapie

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy firms and smoothens the skin by mechanically disrupting the connective tissue.

It starts an inflammatory process in the skin that causes collagen creation, resulting in thicker, more elastic skin.

It also improves circulation by generating neo-vascularization (the root cause of the problem). Acute pain is released from the treatment site and the patient will experience immediate pain relief.


The skin becomes smoother, and the connective tissue’s flexibility is restored. Patients will experience improved tissue metabolism and skin texture that will noticeably make the skin thicker and more elastic.

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